Create Default dimension using x++

The following job will get a DimensionAttributeValueSet record ID base on the a set of dimension values.   static void CreateDefaultDimensions(Args _args) { PurchTable purchTable; DimensionAttributeValueSetStorage valueSetStorage = new DimensionAttributeValueSetStorage(); DimensionDefault result; int i; DimensionAttribute dimensionAttribute; DimensionAttributeValue dimensionAttributeValue; // Note that “Item” is not one of the default dimension, // but DimensionAttributeValueSetStorage will handle it […]

Default dimension

Here is the sample Job to insert Default Dimension,It is just a sample job according to my client requirements, sharing just for an idea, it insert Business unit according to hardcoded p&l, i used¬†AxdDimensionUtil class for this purpose   // BU and vales are hardcoded as per requirments for INTECH static void AXPsetFinancialDimensionToCustomer() { CustTable […]