Process Industries Add-On for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Recently  I got a requirement to install PI 2009 on one of my client. What I figured is the sequence of installation is very important Here are the steps to follow: 1. Install AX2009 RTM (SYS layer) 2. Install SP1 (SYP layer) 3. Install GLS layer if needed 4. Install Process Industries (BUS layer (compatible […]

Change No of Decimal Places in Dynamics AX

My scenario is to change the number of decimal places through out AX to 4 .It is possible and we can change all the amount fields in AX to 4 decimal places or any no of decimal places. But the challenge is what will happen to the documents which are in open state or are […]

Steps to perform after DB restoration

Whenever we Restore DB from other machine (Like PROD to SandBox ) we always need to change some parameter configuration settings so that our machine will not point to the source machine (Like PROD). Its a general practice to copy PROD on Prod replica machines so its easy to list down some areas so that […]

Add Code Templates/ Shortcuts /Comments

If you’ve got any blocks of code that you use frequently, e.g. specific comment blocks, you can very easily add code short cuts in AX 2012 to auto-insert  them in to your X++ code. For example you can setup AX to automatically create surrounding comment such as   whenever you type “mycom” and press the […]