Code Snippets

Replace \ Delegate Workflow User

With this piece of Code we can delegate Workflow from One User to another Using X++

Here I am taking example of Purchase Requistion

static void waj_replaceWorkflowUser(Args _args)
workflowtrackingstatustable workflowtrackingstatustable;
workflowtrackingtable workflowtrackingtable;
PurchReqTable purchreqTable;
WorkflowWorkItemTable workItem;
WorkflowStepTable workFlowStepTableSequence, workFlowStepTable;
purchreqTable = purchreqTable::findPurchReqId('PR-010454');
select workItem order by RecId desc
where workItem.RefTableId == tableNum(purchReqTable) &&
workItem.RefRecId == purchreqtable.recid &&
workItem.Status != WorkFlowWorkItemStatus::Completed &&
workItem.UserId == 's.Wajahat'; // slect user to replace
info(strFmt('%1', workItem.RefRecId));



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