Go to origin \ Custom button on Info

Just a quick code to add a button on InfoLog to facilitate user to go directly on the respective message record.




Code :



SysInfoAction_MenuFunction        sysInfoAction; //Class which we have to use to create a Button.
purchRFQCaseTable       purchRFQCaseTable; // Declaration of buffer
purchRFQCaseTable = purchRFQCaseTable::find(‘RFQ-0001’);

sysInfoAction = SysInfoAction_MenuFunction::newMenuItem(menuitemDisplayStr(PurchRFQCaseTable),MenuItemType::Display); // here we create a button Link with the menu Item of the form to open on click event
sysInfoAction.parmCallerBuffer(purchRFQCaseTable); //passing buffer on the form
info (strfmt(“@SYS107925″, purchRFQCaseTable.rfqCaseId),”, sysInfoAction); // creating info with desired button





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