Add Code Templates/ Shortcuts /Comments

If you’ve got any blocks of code that you use frequently, e.g. specific comment blocks, you can very easily add code short cuts in AX 2012 to auto-insert  them in to your X++ code.

For example you can setup AX to automatically create surrounding comment such as



whenever you type “mycom” and press the tab key.

How do you accomplish this. Very easily!



Step1: Locate the class EditorScripts in the AOT.
Step2: Create a new method with the format public void template_flow_[shortcut](Editor editor)
Step3: User the editor parameter to add code the code that you would like inserted. e.g. editor.insertLines(“\\test comment”);
Step4: Add your method to the case statement in the isApplicableMethod() method in the section relating to template “editor scripts that does not apply to Macros” 




Thats it, now if you type your shortcut into any editor in AX and press tab, the “\\test comment” code will be inserted.

Here’s a full example method

Comments are very Much self Explanatory

Public void template_flow_mycom(Editor editor)


xppSource xppSource = new xppSource(editor.columnNo());

int currentLine  = editor.currentLineNo();

int currentCol = editor.columnNo();

//add opening comment , You can add what ever you want 

Source template = “//–>(Code added by ” +curUserId()+ ” date On ” + date2str(today(),123,2,2,2,2,2) +”).\n”;


//add an empty line

template += strRep(” “, currentCol)+ “\n”;

//add closing comment with the correct number of spaces, You can add what ever you want 

template += strRep(” “, currentCol)+ “//<–(Code ended by ” + curUserId()+ ” date On ” +date2str(today(),123,2,2,2,2,2) + “).”;


//move cursor to the empty line between the comments





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