Date Time issue

PROBLEM :yesterday i faced an issue . when fetching date from date effective framework it shows wrong date like the actual date is 2/1/2012 it shows one 1/1/2012  (date-1) ;


i use this code :

    date startDate, endDate;
utcDateTime startTime, endTime,asofDate;
startDate = str2Date(“31/12/1900”,123);
endDate = str2Date(“31/12/2054”,123) ;
asofDate    = DateTimeUtil::utcNow();
startTime = DateTimeUtil::newDateTime(startDate, 0);
endTime = DateTimeUtil::newDateTime(endDate, 0);

select validTimeState(startTime,endTime) * from hcmemployment
where hcmemployment.Worker == hcmworker.RecId;


Solution :

this is because of utcdatetime issue






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