Workflow Approver NAME

Below is the Job Snippet to get the Workflow Approver Name

static void workflowApproverInfo(Args _args)
WorkflowTrackingStatusTable workflowtrackingstatustable;
WorkflowTrackingTable workflowtrackingtable;

while select workflowtrackingstatustable
order by RecId desc
join workflowtrackingtable
where workflowtrackingstatustable.ContextRecId == 5637155826 //(Required Record)
&& workflowtrackingtable.TrackingContext == workflowtrackingcontext::WorkItem
&& workflowtrackingtable.TrackingType == workflowtrackingtype::Approval
&& workflowtrackingtable.WorkflowTrackingStatusTable == workflowtrackingstatustable .recid




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